Surround Yourself with People who will Support, Guide and Partner with You.

I received a job offer that I was absolutely thrilled about! As the start date became closer and closer I started to think about how many women I would be working with. This was going to be a totally new experience to work in an environment so full of women, and it just terrified me. It took a few weeks to adjust and not be afraid of stereotypical gossip or backstabbing (don’t worry I don’t think ALL women are like that). However-once I started to understand my role and the culture a bit more, I met a woman that changed my career.

She was on my team and we were peers, but wow did she intimidate me. She was incredibly articulate, and always had a thoughtful and intelligent answer or opinion. It was odd to meet someone that I wanted to look up to, when we were the exact same age. Sometimes I became a little hard on myself-wondering with my similar skills and experience why wasn’t I able to portray myself the way that she did. She ended up being passed for a big promotion in lieu of bringing some new blood into the organization. It wasn’t long after that she decided it was time to move on.

Instead of being angry and bitter, she kept it together. She continued to work hard and play nice with everyone even though she had really been let down and we all knew she would be a great leader for our team. That in itself is a huge feat, not many peers want to see their friend get promoted to be their manager. I would have reported to her in a heartbeat.

Then something amazing happened. In her last few weeks she wanted to actually help me. She offered words of advice and wisdom for navigating our company culture. She told me stories of when she thought she didn’t make the best decision or respond the right way. She could have been bitter that I might someday get that opportunity that she did not. Instead she put her feelings aside and offered to help someone else. I hope that someday I am able to work with her again and we can dominate the world together.

Sending all my love from the west coast. Thank you for inspiring me.

Share your stories of support & guidance in the comments below.


Top 5 Books to Help You Quit Your Day Job

Do you hate Sunday nights?  Even if there is a new episode of Walking Dead, The Good Wife, or the Sunday night HBO line up, you still find yourself dreading Sunday simply because you will have to go to work tomorrow.  Once you finally convince yourself that you should go to bed, you toss and turn and get the worst night of sleep ever.  The alarm goes off, and you are instantly pissed off at the world.  Then comes the joy of the commute, either sitting in traffic trying not to intentionally run into the person in front of you, or dealing with hot, never on time, smelly public transportation.  Once you finally make it into the office, you have a million emails to respond read/respond and you are already counting down the hours until Friday at 5.

Wouldn’t it be awesome, if you didn’t dread Sunday night or getting up to go to the office?  Do you spend your days dreaming of ideas and projects that you wish you could work on if you had enough time, energy, or money?

Check out this list of excellent reads to get yourself motivated to take the next step and quit your day job!

What books have motivated you to take the next step towards freedom?




2014 Goals for an Entrepreneur and Life

It’s that time of the year again.  This is the first time I have ever put my goals out there for all to see, hopefully that will help keep me accountable and on track this year.

  • Diversify Income-don’t just rely on the jobs that my husband and I currently have.

  • Spend more time in nature-hike once a month

  • Increase social media usage to engage with new communities

  • Do more local travel & road trips-Portland, Tahoe, Big Sur, Northern California etc

  • Actively train our dog Rye to be less excitable so she can enjoy more things in her life

  • Meet new people, not just for networking

  • Exercise 3x a week

  • Eat Healthy 80% of the time

What are your goals for 2014?  Do you think you will finally stick to them this year?

5 Ways to Stay Sane While Looking for a New Job


Have you been laid off or are actively looking for an exit from your current job?  Looking for a new job is an emotional roller coaster.  As you begin looking and get on board with the idea you are a little nervous but have that flutter of excitement as you begin your journey.  Once you start actively looking it is like the ascent up the hill-holy shit what was I thinking, can I really do this?!  You get a job prospect, fill out your application and you feel like you are flying high.  Then you keep going and you can’t see what is coming up ahead, the ups and downs, twists and turns-no news, an automatic rejection email, a delay because of an IPO, a position that they aren’t actively hiring for?  Land an interview, feels great as you pull back into the station.  Only to find that you have to meet with another team, the director, VP.  The coaster pulls back out of the station and away you go into the fear of the unknown, even if you have ridden this coaster before.

How many times can you physically and emotionally handle riding this roller coaster?  First of all make sure you remember how disorganized every company you ever worked for was.  Someone in HR gets a ton of job applications for a position that they probably do not understand very well.  Online marketing-yea sure someone that worked in communications at a PR company could do this.  Oh you have paid search experience-I don’t really think that is what we are looking for-bottom of the pile.  Once that person gets a pile of resume together they email them to most likely the director of the hiring team.  They are swamped and have 0 time to review-days go by.  They finally pick a few and send them back to HR for a quick call.  Emails get buried, days go by.  Finally schedule a call with HR, passed, now they need to figure out all of the schedules of the team you are meeting with.  Schedule an interview end of next week.  Takes a week or more for next steps and so on.  Some companies take as long as 3-4 months for the total interview process because of scheduling issues and meeting with multiple candidates.

Now you are starting to feel like that time you were the one of the last people picked for a sports team.  Will anyone want me to be on their team?  Do I have the right skills and personality to fit the group?  This feeling sucks.  Plain and simple.  Sometimes its a job you don’t really want anyways and you can deal with it, but what about when its for the job you think you will love?

Here is what you can do to ride out the emotional roller coaster of the job search.  You can’t look for and apply to jobs 24/7 you will lose your mind, take a break with one of these.  Even when money is tight it can be pretty nice to not have to get up and go to work everyday.  Take advantage of this time off, enjoy it as best as you can and do something!

1. Exercise-super easy and beneficial.  You can only apply for so many jobs in a day before you are ready to throw yourself off the balcony.  Not only do you no longer have the excuse of not having any time, but you can really develop a schedule that you can stick to.  You don’t have to join an expensive gym, just get outside and go for a walk or run, or do workout videos at home.  You will definitely release the negative energy and feel better afterwards.

2. Hang out with an animal.  Dogs are by nature pretty happy creatures, any attention you give them they will love you for and everything will feel better.  Don’t have a pet?  Head over to the local SPCA or shelter and volunteer a few hours a week.

3. Organize something.  Remember how you never had any time to organize your personal computer files, update your iTunes or clean out that random closet.  Now you have time and you will totally feel like you accomplished something that has been bothering you for years.

4. Start a hobby or that side business you always wanted.  Don’t get discouraged because you don’t want to spend any money to start a business.  Just figure out what interests you and start putting together a game plan to lay the ground work.

5. Network-but in a fun way.  Find local events and meet new people, get free drinks.  Not only does this force you to shower and wear something other than sweatpants, but you may meet someone that knows of an open position.

What has helped you survive the perils of job hunting?





Finding Your Third Metric Career

Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

With the ongoing battle of women having it all vs accepting that women cannot have it all, The Third Metric as defined by Arianna Huffington strikes the perfect balance, “Redefining Success Beyond Money & Power.”  Life doesn’t just break down between career and babies, it is about living the life that you want to live.

After relocating to San Francisco, it became quite clear that there are definitely a lot of people that put work at the top of the list.  If you don’t get off on your job each and every single day you aren’t actually serious about your career or have faith in your company.  This is quite interesting in a city full of tech companies and start ups that consider bringing your dog to work, working from home, yoga classes and free lunch normal benefits.  In some cases taking advantage of those benefits can make you appear less dedicated than your coworkers.  If the company doesn’t actually encourage people to enjoy the benefits no one can comfortably use these perks.

So how do you find YOUR third metric job?  That job that you still love and will pay the bills but it won’t run your life.  Start by finding companies or products that already interest you.  Do you love fashion, animals, being outdoors etc?  Going to work everyday will be easier if you already have an interest in the product or service.  Just because you love being outdoors doesn’t mean you can only be a park ranger or dog walker.  You could take a look at companies that manufacture or distribute outdoor apparel, equipment, gear and accessories.

Once you find a few options that really interest you take a good look at the dynamics and culture of the company.  What are the benefits and hours like?  Is the company a startup or already well established.  Looking at these factors will give you a pretty good idea of what type of person really excels in a particular environment.  If you are really interested in the product, but you will have to travel 50% of the time and always be on call on email maybe that isn’t your third metric career.

It isn’t all or nothing and it is possible to find a job that is rewarding and also allows you to live your life.  You just have to do your research, connect with the right people and be patient.

Why are Young People Unhappy?

Benjamin Studebaker

I’ve noticed an interesting article floating around the internet. The piece, entitled “Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy” sees rampant narcissism and self-entitlement as the source of young people’s unhappiness. Does it have a case? Let’s take a look.

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Relocation Transportation-Do You Take a Plane, Train or Automobile?

Our Picture of the Colorado National Monument Park

Our Picture of the Colorado National Monument Park

Determining the mode of transportation that you will embark on for your trip actually kinda matters.  Hate to add that to the list of a million other things you need to deal with but its worth taking the time.

A few things to consider and hopefully help you figure your shit out.

  • Do you have enough physical time to get to your new location if you take the train or drive?  If you have to be there tomorrow that doesn’t leave you many options.  Unless you have a DeLorean DMC-12…
  • Moving with pets… now that is an entirely different story.  Can they fit on a plane, and do you even have a car?
  • Are you driving a uhaul?
  • Do you have time to stop and see cool stuff?  America is huge, you should really try checking things out.


Some people opt to pay movers to load up everything and get things moving, and get to the destination as quickly as possible.   You can either bring your dog/cat or check them into cargo.  Now this seems like it could be the easier option, however.  Triple check the size of the dog crate, sometimes the airline will tell you at security they don’t think the crate is big enough and then you have to buy one from them and throw out the other one you probably just bought.

The other down side to moving via airplane is that it just happens so damn fast.  It’s also something that many people do quite often these days, so its weird to get on a plane and think “wow I am not coming back.”  Then you land some 2-6 hours later and say “ok I guess I live here now.”


Friends of ours opted for the Amtrak from Chicago to San Francisco and loved it!  Splurge and get a sleeper cabin.  They basically leave at odd times so that you can sleep through the boring stuff (like the salt flats in Nevada), but you are awake to see all of the awesome stuff.  The only down side is that you cannot bring pets, but you can bring a little more luggage than on a plane.  This seems like the best of everything, take your time, see stuff you would probably never see and you don’t even have to drive!


Personally we were not thrilled with putting our dog in cargo and we have a car so we decided to drive from Chicago to San Francisco.  Planning for this was a total nightmare but TOTALLY WORTH IT!

  • Purchase larger cat crate for comfort puposes
  • Xanax for kitty
  • Figure out how to fit a HUGE dog crate in the car along with everything else
  • Portable litter box
  • Luggage to live out of for 2 weeks
  • Pet friendly hotels or places along the way (hotels require crates)

We spent 5 days on the road stopping in Omaha, Denver, Grand Junction, Moab (on accident), and Lake Tahoe.  The drive was actually never boring.  We had good music and the pets were behaved.  The rest was just watching the landscape get more interesting and breathtaking.  I would recommend the drive from Denver to Grand Junction to anyone that wants a beautiful drive.  Every turn even more impressive than the last.  We got to spend time talking about Chicago and what we were looking forward to in San Francisco too.

We planned on a few things going wrong along the way however we did not have any pet related incidents.  The cat slept in the car (no xanax needed) and the dog loved looking at the mountains and interesting terrain out west.

We did however have a run in with the US Marshal’s.  I am not sure how I could advise you to plan for that.  I suppose if you are in Omaha and you look like someone on the most wanted list they will scream and point 4 guns at your husbands head in the parking lot of the hotel.  After a quick conversation and change of pants we were back on our way.

Also just plan for a flat tire and hope that it is in a beautiful place like this:

Fixing a flat tire!

Fixing a flat tire!

Have you moved cross country?  Share your tails in the comments below, we would love to hear what worked and didn’t work for you.